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[Story] Legend of The Black Axe (Episode1)

Posted by on July 11th, 2019


Legend of the black axe episode 1


πŸ“– Episode 1 πŸ“–

βœ’ Written By: Abubakar Oladimeji βœ’

#Trisha’s Place#

Trisha: No, No, No, (Lying on the bed bed and shaking her head, right to left as a result of a bad dream she’s having) Noooo!!! (She finally wakes up. She stood and went to her parents bedroom) Wake up mum (She said as she taps her mum gently)

Trisha’s Mum: Hey sweety was wrong (She said as she turns to face her daughter)

Trisha: I have this weird dream again. This time I dreamt that I was crowned πŸ‘‘ the queen of the evil 😈 witches

Trisha’s Mum: It’s nothing baby, Go back to sleep, it’s probably because you were thinking of such before you slept (She said and kissed Trisha and turned back to continue her sleep)

Trisha: But mum (Her dad cuts in..)

Trisha’s Dad: No more words from you sweetie, go back to bed (He said and Trisha exits the room and went back to sleep)

Trisha’s mum: How long will we keep it from her that she was bestowed upon us by Eliza, the Queen of the evil witches. (She said and fixed her eyes on Her husband’s)

Trisha’s Dad: My daughter isn’t from those witches! it was just coincidence (He smeared back at her)

Trisha’s Mum: But why would she be having those dreams then! (She attacked back)

Trisha’s Dad: Let’s just forget this and go to sleep (He said and they both slept


Prince Arthur: So Mum, What’s this Black Axe people blab about? (He asked in a funny way)

Queen Brenda: My son(She paused and placed her hands on his shoulders) The Black axe isn’t something to be making jest of, it’s a powerful axe passed on by ancestors of Atlantis.

Prince Arthur: Then where is it?

Queen Brenda: The Axe is in a secret room in this palace (She said almost whispering)

Prince Arthur: Can I know where it is? (He asked, almost whispering also)

King Arc: (Walks in, already overheard their discussion) I’ll take you there when it’s time, for now, don’t worry about it

Prince Arthur: Who else knows where it is kept?

King Arc: McIntyre! (He replied and paused ) My loyal young Knight

Prince Arthur: You trust your loyal knight over your son? (He asked disappointed tone)

King Arc: This has no issue to do with trust, I said I’ll tell you where it is when the time comes! (He said with a raised tone)

Prince Arthur: Whatever! (He said and walked out of the room. He got outside and called his personal guard, Justin)
Justin!, Justin! Get me my horse

Justin: Okay your highness (He said and quickly gets the prince’s horse)

Prince Arthur: (Climbs on the horse) Let’s go! (He yelled and kicked the horse, he was running so fast that his horse hit a girl,’Trisha’ with loads, apparently coming from the market, he halted) I’m sorry!, (He said as he bent down to help the girl retrieve her loads)

Trisha: No, your highness, it’s OK, I’ll pick them up my self(She said as she helped the prince up)

Prince Arthur: What’s your name (He said, couldn’t stop staring at her)

Trisha: I’m Trisha, your highness

Prince Arthur: Okay Trisha, (He said and climbed back on his horse) We’ll meet again (He left)


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