Steps to boost your music career to the next level yourself

Nowadays in Nigeria, Being signed to a record label is considered as SCAM . Solely because, Record label owners no longer care about their artistes, they no more care about how they’ll become more popular, record label owners are now self-centered. Self-centered is the case that When they sign new upcoming artistes, they use them in boosting their own career instead of the career of the up and coming artistes, they want the money and fame all to themselves.

Let’s take a look at it from this angle, Earlier this year, Lyta left the YBNL record label, it didn’t stop there, Oladips also exited LRR. This same year Picazo exited YBNL. Lyta was signed alongside another guy, the PESIN crooner, you see, I can’t even remember his name, why?, he isn’t dropping any song.

So, in this article, I want to discuss with you, the steps you can use in boosting your music career yourself without being signed in any record label.


You see, many artistes are sleeping on it. I mean some releases song like twice in a year!, What’s the meaning of that?, If you want to go into limelight why singing twice in a year. YES, it’s only a song that will make you blow, and only God knows which it would be, but that doesn’t mean you should record one and wait for God’s Miracle. God only Help those who help themselves. If you really mean this music business, Record frequently. AND!!!, Because I said you should record frequently doesn’t mean you should record bad songs, sit down, think, meditate, give your little audience a very good music, let them feel the vibe. Don’t just go into studio and sing nonsense, it won’t help you at all.

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We all know who bloggers are. Bloggers do so much for artistes, they get their songs on their blog readily available for download, Also making it appearing in Google Search which will make it easy for those who wants to download to access it quickly. Associate yourself with bloggers, not one, not two, pay them finely to blog your music, before you know it, you’ll become great friends and they might be helping you to upload it for free, not only that, they’ll tell their fellow blogger friends to Blog it also, exposing your music to large audience. Doing this will make you grow fans little by little.


Running Social media ads such As Facebook and instagram has been the major way for one to promote his or her business online, but I believe not only businesses can be promoted using it. Run Facebook and instagram ads, containing a link to download your song, Write a captivating write-up for it, leave them with no choice but to click the link and download, target people in your country and even abroad, increase the number of people you want it to reach (Depending on the money you’ve). If you’re serious about your career make it reaches up to 500k-1m people daily and run such ads for like a week.
I assure you, the number of downloads you’ll get will leave you speechless!


YES!, we’re in the internet era but millions are still watching Television and listening to radio.
Pay them to air your songs on TV in channels like Afro Music Pop which is mainly used by upcoming artistes to promote their songs, Trace TV (Very popular and widely watched), HIP TV and much more TV channels.
Get your song on radio stations like on Ray power FM and the likes. Doing this will expose your song to more people, both adult and young will know what you’re capable of in terms of singing.


What do I mean by “The faces of the moment”? ,They are the presently reignite musicians, People like Zlatan who came in real limelight in about 2018 and still reigning, People like Burna boy. If you feature those, forget, you Don blow already, especially Naira Marley. When you feature the Faces of the moment and deliver a very good verse of song, people will know you for what you do, they’ll expect to hear more from you.

I rest my pen!


DOWNLOAD MP3: Mahalia ft. Burna Boy – Simmer



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