📖 Episode 2 📖

✒ Written By: Abubakar Oladimeji ✒


McIntyre: If it’s not my beautiful Trisha (He said as he walked to meet Trisha who was approaching him) Why have you come here?

Trisha: I just came to give you this meal (She said as she opened a cooler of food for him)

McIntyre: Wow, so you cooked for me?

Trisha: Come on, it’s no big deal, what are friends for (She whined)

McIntyre: Thanks (He said and collected the food from her)

Trisha: Oh yeah, that reminds me, I saw the prince today, in fact he mistakenly hit me with his horse 🐴, but he apologized. He’s a very humble guy, I’m starting to like him

McIntyre: (Feeling jealous) He’s not humble Trisha, he’s very proud, we don’t get along at all)

Trisha: He doesn’t seem like he’s a proud prince

Prince Arthur: (Approaching with his horse 🐴, Comes down and walked to meet McIntyre) Is this not Trisha?

Trisha: Yes your highness, we met back so soon (She giggled)

Prince Arthur: Nice, McIntyre, see me now! (He said and walked away)

McIntyre: (Followed Arthur and then faced back to Trisha and whispered) You see!!, He’s proud!

Prince Arthur: McIntyre, can you tell me where the Black Axe is?

McIntyre: I’m sorry your highness but it’s confidential

Prince Arthur : Confidential?, Why is everyone treating me like an outsider?, No problem! (He said and walked out to meet Trisha)

McIntyre: (Stared at him) Why is he going to meet Trisha? (He soliloquised)

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Prince Arthur: Hi Trisha, Will you be my friend?, I really don’t have friends

Trisha: Yes it’ll be a great pleasure your highness (She said happily)

Prince Arthur : Actually just call me Arthur

Trisha: Okay your high…. sorry Ar..th..ur (She slowly pronounced his name)

Prince Arthur: Will you come to see me often?

Trisha: Yes Prince. But I have to leave now, I’m late (She said and bowed slightly

Prince Arthur: Okay, Go, till we meet again


Trisha’s Mum: (She screams as Eliza, the Queen of the witches appeared in the house)

Trisha’s Dad: (Rushes to the scene) What’s wrong? (He said and he saw Eliza and became shocked)

Eliza: Why are you denying me of my right? (She said with scary voice)

Trisha’s Mum: Wha.. What.. do.. (She stammered)

Eliza: Shut up!!!, Trisha is the heir to the Evil Witches Kingdom 👑, She has extraordinary powers, she’ll rule my kingdom!!! (She said and her voice echoed around) I’ll be back, till then prepare her!!! (She disappeared)

Trisha’s Dad: Now what are we going to do? (He said pacing up and down the room)

Trisha: That I’m a witch? (She barged in the room, seemed to overheard everything)

Trisha’s Mum: My Daughter is not like (She sobbed)

Trisha: It’s not like what?, All this while I was having bad dreams, so it was because I’m a witch?, A evil one for crying out loud? (She waist with tears on her face)

Trisha’s Dad: Listen Trisha, it’s a long story

Trisha: Whatever! (She said and ran out of the house to the palace)

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Prince Arthur : I thought you said you were going (He said as he saw her running and then noticed tears in her eyes) Hey Trish, What’s wrong with you?

Trisha: It’s nothing (She said and wiped the tears off her face)

Prince Arthur: Hey, I know we just met, and it’s absurd for you to just trust me and tell me anything just like that but trust me Trisha!. (He said sympathetically)

Trisha: I am a witch (She said and cried)

Prince Arthur : What?, I don’t understand (He asked, confused 😕)

Trisha : (Explained everything to him) I think I’ll become evil

Prince Arthur: No no no, Because you’re a witch doesn’t mean you’ll be evil, so far your heart is pure, I’m sure you’ll use your powers for Good instead (He consoled her)

Trisha: (Wiped her tears) Are you sure?

Prince Arthur : Yes I am, now go back home and apologize to your parents (He said)

Trisha: Thank you Arthur, (She said and hugged him tightly and left)

(McIntyre saw them hugged and he was hurt by it)

McIntyre: Why are they hugging?, she has never even hugged me before (He soliloquised. Then some knights came to call him)

Knight: Sir!, We’re under attack!!!

McIntyre: What!!?, Gather all the knights, it’s time flew battle (He said) ,Hey you, tell the king (He said as he points to one of the guards) . Prince!!, We’re under attack (He yelled as he alarmed Prince Arthur)



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