According to the singer, the advent of technology has made music business easier, but it is a shock to him that some artistes are yet to leverage on the ease of technology because for him, his songs grace iTunes, Sound Cloud and other online streaming platforms straight from the studio and that has given him worldwide recognition.
The Abeokuta-born musician says another area of worry in the Nigerian music industry is the way quacks and unprofessional artistes bestride the industry like a colossus even when they cannot properly articulate their brands or the genre of music they play.
“Music in Nigeria is unbelievable. The industry is blossoming but there is a bit of charade. Some acclaimed musicians just manage to get money from anywhere, record a beat, and then start promoting on radio and television, and that affects some of us that make good, real, and meaningful music for a living, not just for money. I want money, but aside wanting money, music is who I am, and there are messages we pass with songs capable of transforming the society. This is what real music should be.”
Although he is not so popular in Nigeria, Yemi Conga said he is hot cake in Johannesburg, South Africa, where his professional music carrier kick-started, 15-years ago and Atlanta Georgia, his current base

Yemi Conga who is currently in Nigeria to promote his new 12-track album, ‘The Culture Experience’, claims to have worked with popular producers in South Africa, and collaborated with top artistes including Zounke-Dekana, Don-Laka, Lera, a Nigerian artiste, Kunle Ayo, as well as several other international artistes

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